Vulnerability of assert() mfw 125 – CSAW 2016 Web125

  This was the 6th round of CSAW CTF and last time, my team had finished in 56th position internationally and this time, we finished 48th. Here we were given a web page showing Welcome to my website! I wrote it myself from scratch!. Next was to find the vulnerability in the page. Challenge URL: Obviously the […]


Admin I Web 100 (XSS)- SECT CTF 2016

This CTF comes after the previous MMA CTF which got over on 5th September. One of the things that attracted me was that, it included XSS challenges. I had been previously working on the XSS challenge by Cure53 and also had written the walk-through for beginners. Challenge URL : I was shown the page below In […]

Cocktail – MMACTF 2016 Misc200

Challenge URL:   The name did attract me a lot 😉 and also, the files inside it! When I extracted the 7z file, it showed me and in that, those scripts made me curious out of which one showed say “The flag of part 1 is * * * * * * * * * […]

Admin Password – MMA CTF 2016 Web 100

After completing the previous challenge(Global), I was up with the next challenge, Get the admin password!  Challenge URL: The Greeting page looked familiar and well, the page looked like this and my first thought was SQLi. Well, I tried everything I could but then, it resulted in nothing other than throwing Wrong username or password. Then struck me […]

iOS 10 Preview

This time I’m going off track from the topic that I usually deal with, that is Web Application Security. I’m a big fan of Apple and because of that, I thought of testing out latest version of iOS 10 beta version 1. It was released last month during the WWDC ’16 in San Francisco. iOS […] – XSS Challenge Write-up Part 1

There are many solutions to Erling Ellingsen’s XSS challenges. I found this challenges very useful and I could learn a lot from them. I will be publishing the write-up of first 7 challenges and it’ll be basic explanation mainly for beginners. I suggest not to read the write-up before you attempting it. It can several days […]

GSoC ’16 Interns

Today I’m very happy to tell that the Open Source club, FOSS@Amrita, of my college, has got the highest number of GSoC applicants in ’16 from our college from all these years. Well, indeed this is a great achievement for the club. As a member of the club, we’ve always tried to help each other, […]

Graphics Driver Issue for Ubuntu

I started working on Kubuntu in my laptop(Lenovo Y50-70 having Nvidia GTX 860M) around six months back and then itself I started to encounter “Starting version 219” when I try to log into the same. At that point after waiting for sometime would take me into log in screen and then afterwards it’d be easy […]